• Regular and transparent reporting
  • Global view of your overall wealth
  • Assistance in selecting and relationships with your banks
  • Help with the administration of your properties and assets
  • Diligent execution
  • Cost and performance control
  • Daily administrative assistance
  • Ease of use


For all customers HBS prepares a consolidated financial statement in a clear and simple format, giving a simple overview of all their assets. The statement is tailor made to each clients’ specifications and can include one or more bank account, financial assets, real estate, works of art or any other asset class.

The consolidated financial statement serves as a base for assessing the clients’ global asset allocation in terms of risk profile, diversification and liquidity.

We also prepare for each client a cash flow statement highlighting inflows and outflows (return, expenses, investments) for any given period.

The statements help track performance, monitor and control costs and can be used as a tool for financial planning and budgeting.

Banking administration

HBS advises and supports its clients in their relationships with their banks. We assess your relationship with each institution and can, if needed, introduce you to new banks from our network in different countries.

We provide assistance on a wide variety of topics, such as the structuring of loans, setting up appropriate rates, specific investments or any other special request.
Our independence gives us access to multiple organizations, expanding the range of potential solutions.

Private asset administration

We support our clients with the purchase, sale and administration of real estate in many countries, whether for private, recreational or investment purposes. With the assistance of leading tax experts and real estate professionals we ensure that the most appropriate and efficient tax and legal structures are put in place. We also deal with the administration of the property post purchase.

We apply with great diligence the same principles and the same process for the administration of artwork, boats or aircraft.

Administrative support

HBS helps clients address and resolve a host of day to day problems relating to the administration of their wealth.

We assist with all aspects of relocation whether administrative or regulatory issues, taxation as well as housing and schooling and education for children.

We offer concierge services upon request.



  • Identification of riks
  • Access to the best international advisors
  • Coordination and monitoring of advisors
  • Independent Tailor made solutions, no agenda
  • Effective implementation
  • Cost control

Estate Planning

We encourage our customers to plan their succession. We help clarify their goals and constraints. Working with top specialists we find answers and create solutions.

Tax planning

We support our clients in looking at their tax position. Firstly we assess their situation and seek to identify any weak points, then we help them define and implement proper solutions using the advice of experts in each relevant jurisdiction.

Company administration

Working with local service providers we administrate companies for our clients.

Customers also regularly ask us to act as directors of their companies or protectors of their family trusts or foundations in order for us to further defend their interests.